Reflection Sciences has partnered with some of the most reputable education organizations in the industry to develop an arsenal of intervention offerings aimed at improving Executive Function skills. From digital HTML games to downloadable activity guides, these intervention strategies are centered around play and intended for children of all ages.

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This FREE Intervention Preview includes a sampling of some of Reflection Sciences’ intervention offerings, including the beloved “Bear & Dragon” intervention activity from the The EFWay to PLAY! Intervention Activities Guide. Targeting children in Pre-K through 3rd grade, the strategies highlighted in this preview will promote the healthy development of Executive Function skills. 

Executive Function is the neurocognitive skills required for goal-directed control of attention, thought, emotion, and behavior. Improved Executive Function skills are linked to improved social emotional learning, mindfulness, and self-regulation. 

The EF Way to PLAY!
K - 3rd Grade Intervention Activities Guide

Both practical and PLAY-ful, The EF Way to PLAY! Intervention Activities Guide features tried-and true intervention activities that promote the improvement of Executive Function skills in children. Developed collectively by early childhood education experts, educators, parents, and caregivers, these fun intervention activities promote social emotional learning, mindfulness, and self-regulation.

Kids learning with teacher

The EF Way to PLAY! Intervention Activities Guide is a digital download of 12 step-by-step, easy-to-administer activities that were designed to target the earliest and most critical stages of Executive Function development, K to 3rd grade. Totaling over 70 pages of instruction and insights, these activities are played in 15 minutes or less, and can be easily integrated into everyday classroom activities and curricula. 

*Tip: Take a peek at the “Bear/Dragon” intervention activity from this guide in our FREE Intervention Preview download, above!

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Executive Function Games Powered by Kiko Labs

We are proud to partner with Kiko Labs, who worked with neuroscientists from the University of California – Berkeley and Harvard to develop Kiko’s Thinking Time, an adaptive training program for early learners, ages 4 to 7. Kiko’s Thinking Time uses a suite of activities and games to target skills fundamental to cognitive learning: Executive Function, reasoning, and spatial skills.

Executive Function Games Subscription

COMING 2020!

With your subscription, you’ll have access to twenty (20) digital Executive Function Games geared toward children ages 4 to 7. Together, these adaptive games include thousands of questions that train Executive Function skills — memory, inhibition, focus, and cognitive flexibility — as well as reasoning and spatial skills. In addition, several new exercises incorporate common core-aligned math content, such as counting and cardinality, while reinforcing cognitive skills. 

Kiko coming 2020

Purchase the MEFS App™ & Intervention Supports together through Conscious Discipline®

We are partnered with Conscious Discipline®, a leading provider of social-emotional learning curriculum to the Pre-K audience in the U.S. and throughout the world. Visitors to the Conscious Discipline® website will have access to the MEFS App, training, and training manuals. Conscious Discipline® users who integrate the MEFS App™ into their instruction will soon receive specific Conscious Discipline® intervention activities tied to their child’s Executive Function development and performance on the MEFS App™.