Continuing Partnership to Measure Montessori Success

Continuing Partnership to Measure Montessori Success

Reflection Sciences and The National Center for Montessori in the Public Sector (NCMPS) are proud to announce another year of partnership to measure Montessori success!

The Mission:

Our partnership serves to provide Montessori educators with the tools and training to reliably measure the efficacy of your classrooms. Pair Reflection Sciences’ MEFS assessment tool with NCMPS’s DERS environmental rating scale to:

  • Evaluate classroom environments from the perspective of research-based practices
  • Promote reflection, dialogue, and discussion among teachers and administrators
  • Engage in internal self-assessment, improvement, and planning
  • Provide useful information for communication with parents and prospective parents

The Tools:

The MEFSTM is the first objective, scientifically-based, and normed direct assessment of executive function for ages 2 years and up that only takes 5 minutes to complete. Executive Function is the set of neurocognitive functions that help the brain organize and act on information. These functions enable us to pay attention, control behavior, and think flexibly – those tools necessary to succeed in kindergarten and beyond. The MEFS is a fun game for kids, but it provides vital data for educators and parents.

The DERS is unique in its focus on capturing child, adult, and classroom attributes — such as patience and persistence in children, precision and clarity in presentations, and order in the environment — which have been shown to support the development of executive function, linguistic, social, and cultural fluency, as well as emotional flexibility.

Jacqueline Cossentino, Research Director of the NCMPS, stated, “The MEFS gives us a simple, reliable, non-intrusive way to prove something we’ve suspected in Montessori for decades – that Montessori prepared environments, trained teachers, and learning materials support optimal child development.  Now we can measure and compare Montessori’s effectiveness.”

Dr. Stephanie Carlson, Reflection Sciences Co-founder and CEO, adds, “We’re excited that this continued partnership will enable the network to measure Montessori success using the MEFS in 5,000 students nationwide.”


How can you learn more about the MEFS/DERS Network:

To learn more, visit or click on the image to the right to download the MEFS/DERS Network Info Sheet.

Click here to register for a MEFS/DERS Training. For any questions or concerns, please email:

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